Inspiration Call: Writing Topic “Death”


Inspiration Call: Writing Topic “Death”

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  1. Why time stops still
    the killer finds the kill
    so suddenly coming?

    why sharp is the strike
    cutting like a knife
    leaving us bleeding?

    why common places
    are becoming Senlac?
    why life is like a racetrack?

    who is fighting for what
    and for what winning?
    this was not said by Our Lord so Loving

    why we dig but graves to fill?
    On top of the High Hill
    do you see Proud Lucifer smiling ?

    My heart with fear trembling
    cannot for a moment be calm and still
    hearing shattering glass and sirens shrill

    Another blast another attack-
    screams cries blood biting back
    why Death is burning and Black?

    Anjum Wasim Dar Copyright CER 2017


  2. Tomb of the Heart

    I put you in the garden.
    Ashes with kisses.
    Dust to the dust
    Blew through the cannonball hole in my soul
    And the center of me,
    My blown apart heart.

    You were the dust on my shoes
    You were the food for flowers
    Held in the hands of rejected lovers
    The chill of my daytime shadows
    By night, the haunting in sleepless hours.

    Love was a word that was written
    On the headstones of an ancient ruin.
    A rune on a wall, a symbol forgotten
    A tongue never spoken.
    I have feared the death of another.
    Love, lay at my side in the tomb of my sorrow.

    Sleep deep, sleep deep forever.
    Sleep without dreaming.
    Disturb not the frost on the ground
    With the crunching of heels in the snow
    Or the frozen path to my heart until it stops beating.

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