Inspiration Call: Word Prompt Wednesday


Inspiration Call: Word Prompt Wednesday: Time

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  1. Yet

    American obsession, getting to the next thing.
    Waiting for a minute and a microwave to finish.
    Is it done yet?
    McMuffin on a steering wheel.
    These people drive so slow!
    Move OVER! (Fucking asshole.)
    Time check: Am I late yet?
    Monday and I gotta get this job done, meet the deadline
    Before the boss comes
    On Tuesday, hump day, Thursday
    Beer 30 on a Friday. Is it here yet?
    Can we have a baby? Got no time for foreplay
    ‘Cause it’s half-time, wait, no Green Bay’s
    On the 20, check the replay. Did you see that catch?! Oh, Baby!
    Did you come yet?
    Hit the market, grab some flowers
    For the baby shower, baby steps to soccer games, and all the firsts are over
    In a graduation picture.
    How did they get so big? Did I miss it?
    It’s summer, fall and Christmas present,
    Tired, and distracted for a second.
    Right before the next one is in slow motion for the accident.
    Am I dead yet?
    You’re strapped onto a stretcher
    Seconds move in real time, not forever
    For the first time in your life you notice weather
    Feel the rain, feel your pain,
    Thank God you’re feeling anything.
    If you had it all to do again
    Would you cherish every moment and just live it?
    Is it now, yet?


  2. Changes Tell Us the Time
    years that passed,
    months that were happy and decent,
    days we believe were recent
    moments sad and terrifying;
    Changes Tell Us the Time –
    So much is lost- which I called mine;
    laughter, giggles and shrieks-
    silent heads down and ‘stand in line’,
    innocent pensive silences,
    standing and talking against fences,
    Changes Tell Us the Time,
    In moments captured in pictures,
    outlook fronts and fixtures
    black and white color mixtures,
    Changes Tell Us the Time
    AH Changes tell us the innocent
    unknowing mistakes we made
    How much a symbol inspired
    caused pain in the shade?
    Changes Tell Us- Its Time,
    Age, Beauty that must fade
    Earth dug and ready
    where bodies must be laid,
    Ah Innocent One, cut me no more
    hold me tight, soothe inner sore
    engulf me with peace,stay ever beside
    for I bleed inside,lets forgive each other
    Oh you may not know,how much I repent
    so many prayers to the Lord,I sent
    He heard me and I found you
    My heart is clear and bent,to me
    Time has been Lent
    I am no longer afraid
    For my errors and sins,
    I am paying and have paid.


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