Meet Poet: Markus Fleischmann

markusAbout the Author

Markus Fleischmann

I currently live in Texas where I have embarked on a journey of new beginnings with my beloved lady. I was 16 years of age when I wrote my first poem and have been writing poetry ever since.

I see myself continuing on this path in the future and I’m looking forward to someday having the honor of sharing my thoughts in a third book.

For me, writing down my thoughts and experiences is an outlet, a release of emotions that I feel, and experiences and emotions of others. I am an empath which grants me the gift of heightened feeling in my surroundings.

As a dreamer, free thinker and a peddler of words it brings me such great joy to be able to share this gift with others.

Markus’s Books

a-tome-of-musingsBook Description: A Tome of Musings

Reading this beautiful prose is a lot like lucid dreaming. The words come alive on the page and take you to a whole new world and perspective, abound with thoughts, dreams and desires told through color, melodies, sunshine, love, grief, insecurities, regrets and passion.

Allow these pages to be your sanctuary, your very own footprints in the sand. Endure the intensity of “Shattered”, try not to fall in love with a muse in “Poetry of Her”, revel in the rhythm and rhyme of “Dance with the Devil”, and succumb to the pleading honesty of “Hold On”.

No matter the weather, “A Tome of Musings” will be your trusty old umbrella and your wide-brimmed sun hat. During love, pain, light, dark, warmth and cold, these pages will make you appreciate the simple things in life, and will make you realize it is these things that matter the most.

Experience the heart, soul and mind of a dreamer, a free-thinker and allow this evocative masterpiece to whet your curiosity and lose yourself in the revelations of time itself.

– L.J. Diaz, Author of Catching Snowflakes

A Stained Glass HeartBook Description: A Stained Glass Heart

“If I have to live in silence I would do so,

Only to better understand

Your heart’s whisper.”

‘A Stained-Glass Heart’ is a canticle of sacred love and sacred sexuality. Markus Fleischmann has created a collection of poetry and prose which is a proclamation of his deep abiding love; following a time of loneliness and solitude. An astoundingly beautiful tribute is paid to his desire and profound love for his Beloved One. There are playful moments of allure, followed by the wonder of being awakened by the one he has waited for.

In many of the pieces, Markus juxtaposes his renewed belief in abiding love, given him by the subtle urgings of love from his lady. The reader senses a sublime fit in all aspects of their relationship, intrinsically woven together, bringing out the true essence of who they are.  The title is apt, given the scope of love being refracted in beautiful colors, in their new-found life.

The pieces are erotic, stimulating, yet tender and passionate; the words dancing with the purity of love, when two souls who were meant to find each other, succeed. It is an exquisite book to renew your belief in finding a true, meaningful, yet spiritual union. It promises to touch your heart, wanting to return again to rediscover new elements within in his beautiful words.

Brenda-Lee Ranta, author of Myriad of Perceptions & Allegories


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