New Release: A Stained Glass Heart by Markus Fleischmann

A Stained Glass Heart

Foreword . . .


A Stained Glass Heart, the second book by published author Markus Fleischmann, is a tale of love and romance, dreams and realities. The poems within this book take the reader on a journey of love through his eyes in a way most can relate to on a personal level. Markus writes with a raw, unfiltered style that gives the reader a look into his mind and reminds us that true, soul-deep love is possible.

An excerpt from ‘The Heart’s Verse’ shows the depth and vulnerability with which Markus writes:


‘Write me to be your story

Your poem

Write me, as I am to be

Each word a start

Each verse a beat of my heart

Write me, as I read you’

The lines flow from his pen to the page with grace and his poems invite the reader to journey into the world where passion and romance are second nature and although love sometimes hurts, true romance and freedom to express it are beautiful through the eyes of a born poet.

Enjoy ‘The Stained Glass Heart’ and find your favorite place to daydream.


Tracy A. Seiden, published author of ‘Stardust and Fire, Tales of a Hopeful Romantic’ and ‘Moon Kissed Musings’


Visit Markus’s Author Page To Purchase His Book At:





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