Spotlight Writer: Chad Lewis



Photo Credit Donna J. Sanders


The deed was done and no blame was left to sprinkle on an otherwise obvious party. Bottles littered the floor and the effects of the wine were beginning to wear off. A smile appeared then vanished as an abondoned lover might. Her legs were filthy from the fight as fluids ran like children often do in fear of the drunken father to greet bruised ankles. Taking a long drag from a clove cigarette stained by reason and curiousity, she reached out to touch his face with finger nails covered in blood. His eyes were fixed on the gun resting upon the table next to the bed where the needle lay half empty. The needle she had used to get higher than she ever thought possible.. But that was yesterday. Watching his lifeless form she hummed a lullaby from a sweeter time where mom’s moans were silenced and father’s hands were……Shaking the memory from her head she bit her lip. Was this real? Hadn’t she just let this man rock her ass to the high heavens last night? A giggle that she tried to stiffle escaped breaking the momentary silence. Oh how she needed to laugh she thought looking at the bloodied knife in he trembling right hand. The hand she had used seductively to instigate the action in the first place. His throat was laid wide open and the way the moonlight caught it made her reach between her legs to recapture that fleeting desire to pleasure herself in a way that seemed justified. Was she crazy? The blood ran in streams from the wicked wound collecting in tiny pools next to his track lined arms. How she had enjoyed the event ,but the sound of flesh and the gurgling escape of blood into open air made her nauseous. Why would the voices not go away?

© Chad Lewis

Featured Writer from “Creative Talents Unleashed Writers Group”

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  1. so nice and so amazing deed, lets link up…….


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