Introducing Hugh Dysart “Torn Poems”

Torn Poems

Preface  . . .

I am a musician and a poet.

I am a drummer with a penchant for writing lyrics.  Somewhere along the way, my lyrics became prose.

A verse here, a bridge there; where a collection of words, fall out of my head.

I surprise myself at times, not having any idea where they come from or where they go. Not viewing things in a one-dimensional way, I always see the flip side.

This is my eclectic collection of prose and poems. Some are simply waiting for the hook, the melody line. Others are simply what they are; my views on politics, religion, social injustice, children, and love.

Words have no limitations.

It’s been a long ride, having lived

the dream of a musician on the road

I have a few things left to say.

Welcome to my world of “Torn Poems

Torn Poems–Now Available

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  1. I saw this post on Support an Author on Facebook and am kind of speculative to read this work. Does he have other publications (lit journals/magazines) that I can read prior to purchasing? I really have no idea of his work aside from this vague and generic preface. Any links would be nice. Thanks.


  2. Reblogged this on The Lyrical Quill and commented:
    I am extremely proud and thrilled about the release of my Sweets first book.



  1. Meet Poet: Hugh Dysart – Creative Talents Unleashed

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