Introducing Hugh Dysart “Torn Poems”

Torn Poems

Preface  . . .

I am a musician and a poet.

I am a drummer with a penchant for writing lyrics.  Somewhere along the way, my lyrics became prose.

A verse here, a bridge there; where a collection of words, fall out of my head.

I surprise myself at times, not having any idea where they come from or where they go. Not viewing things in a one-dimensional way, I always see the flip side.


This is my eclectic collection of prose and poems. Some are simply waiting for the hook, the melody line. Others are simply what they are; my views on politics, religion, social injustice, children, and love.

Words have no limitations.

It’s been a long ride, having lived

the dream of a musician on the road

I have a few things left to say.

Welcome to my world of “Torn Poems

Now Available

Torn Poema by Hugh Dysart

Poems torn and pieced together from memories and yesterday's, from loves slow dances and tomorrow's second chances. This is a remarkable collection of poems that explores social injustice, somber blues, and love - lost and found. Despite life's ups and downs, this book is uplifting, upbeat and positive.Dysart has an impressive range and can spin words into stories that truly pull you in and inspire.


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  1. I saw this post on Support an Author on Facebook and am kind of speculative to read this work. Does he have other publications (lit journals/magazines) that I can read prior to purchasing? I really have no idea of his work aside from this vague and generic preface. Any links would be nice. Thanks.


  2. Reblogged this on The Lyrical Quill and commented:
    I am extremely proud and thrilled about the release of my Sweets first book.



  1. Meet Poet: Hugh Dysart – Creative Talents Unleashed

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