Witch’s Cry – Author Amrita Valan


Amelie, I am still here

Still waiting, my pretty dear

Out in this brazen blizzard

Under this beautiful sky painting’s

Midnight blue false ceiling

With wisps of white trimming

Wishful will o’ the wisp wind

works it’s wanton wanderings

Calls to thee my heart

Whispering my soul’s secrecy

Here Amelie!

Hear me.

The graveyard shift

Churns my callow blood.

My goose pimpled skin

Is hung out like a shroud

Slicing this reality machine

That blinds ye.

Amelie, you were my little girl.

The unborn baby

Macabre sacrifice.

You’re my everything

Witchcraft in the wind

Spells too sacred to tell.

You’re the reason

I wield a wand.

My child.

Your carcass strung

Over the cauldron

As the coven

Made demand.

The covenant was made.

Purest holiest blood shed

I am now working all the mirrors

Of the universe.

And shattering crystals

That cry out

Baying bloodthirsty moons

You’re not dead my child

While I live

My eyes agonized

Shards of bloodbath…

Amelie your epitaph

Marks the Tombstone

Of my soul.

I am not alive.

A witch lies encrypted

Between life and death

Love and hate


Missing you

Kissing you

Messing with your hair

Thank you for the memories.

The haunting insight of humanity

Tendered for sale.

Those are my roots

I swing alone

Between Nictitating

Night vision

And Necromancer



© Amrita Valan

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