Mistress of Inspiration – Author Hugh Dysart


Poppies and black roses blanket her bed,

in thistles and thorns

Poppies and black roses scar her veins,

in rhyme and resignation


Minds bend over time, thought melts,

flowing over naked, white paper,

depositing the silt of sages

Heavy words fall to the bottom

Pathetic poets drag the lake,

for a Mistress of Inspiration


Hope fades over time, high tides,

drown sand castle children,

in plastic pails and blue skies

Mediocrity on the rocks

Ribbons around Oak trees,

another fatality gone wrong


Life crawls over time, bloody knees,

leave red clues in the cotton,

for the hounds to track

Slaves to her whip and pendulum

Pathetic poets kneel and obey,

the Mistress of Inspiration


Poppies and black roses adorn her halls,

in cobwebs and curses

Poppies and black roses speak her name,

in wisdom and pearls


© Hugh Dysart


 Excerpt from the book “Torn Poems”

302579_242748782435233_4426381_nAbout the Author

Hugh Dysart is a long-time musician, songwriter, poet and lyricist. Hugh has been playing blues and rock for almost fifty years and writing for fifteen. His greatest influences have always been music based, appreciating the genius of both the music and lyrics written by The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Rolling Stones. It had has greatly influenced his writing of lyrics.

He has discovered a love of writing poetry and prose; a natural progression as a lyricist. He resides in Timmins, Ontario Canada, with his soul mate and is a father of two and a grandfather.

Visit Hugh’s Author Page At www.ctupublishinggroup.com/hugh-dysart.html

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