Inspiration Call: Tell this story . . .


Inspiration Call: Write a Poem or Short Story that tells this story.

Share your written piece by dropping it in the comment section.
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  1. My Baby

    When I kissed her on the belly
    I could feel the connection
    Kicking and moving
    Was my baby’s reaction

    He surely sensed
    His father’s presence
    As my unborn child
    Awaits its deliverance

    I felt so proud
    That I was this baby’s father
    While making sure
    I take care of its mother

    I cannot wait to see
    My baby’s face
    That crying voice
    Will fill our place

    That will surely be
    The sweetest sound
    While carrying my baby
    Where ever I’m found

    © 2017 Bevan Boggenpoel


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