Inspiration Call: Word Prompt Wednesday


Inspiration Call: Word Prompt Wednesday: Despair

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  1. “Desperate To Connect”

    She saw her there,
    The woman of her whole life,
    Torment and a flood of emotions,
    Inside her little body,
    “She knows me, the small me,
    But she doesn’t know me now,”
    She reached out her hand,
    Towards the stranger now of her life,
    Feeling like the space between them grew,
    She wanted nothing more,
    Than to be there and hold her,
    In the embraces of long ago,
    To be understood with open mind,
    But she felt,
    Like she was falling farther away still,
    All she could do was wave,
    Then put on a fake smile,
    As she choked backed tears,
    Then walked away,
    From her mother standing there.


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