CTU Press Release: Contributors Announcement – Down The Rabbit Hole 2017 Anthology

Congratulations to the following contributors whom have been chosen for the literary publication of Down The Rabbit Hole.


Down The Rabbit Hole Contributors:


D.B. Hall – Time, Rainbow Slide, Unrestrained Dreams

Ann Christine Tabaka – All Smiles – (Cheshire)

Susan E. Birch – Cabbages and Kings, I Am Woman, You Are Mad Dear Grandma

Tracy Seiden – Drink Me, Dorothy’s Discovery

Amrita Valan – A Nonsense Adventure! (The Best Kind) Part 1, A Nonsense Adventure! (The Best Kind) Part 2

Christa Frazee – Unchained Alice, Home Sweet Home

Maggie Mae – Ruby Slippers, Wonderland

Jaqui Slade – Mad Hearted Crazy, Dorothy

Kelly Klein – The Wizard of Od

Tammy S. Thomas – Winky Willy World, My Blue Shoes, Larry and the Fly

Shawn Chang – A Cat’s Early Morning Walk

Justin R. Hart – A Wish in the Wings, Autumn’s Ascending Spring

Ariana V. Cherry – The Circus, Chasing Rainbows While Stuck on Narcotics (Prescription of course!)

Shelly Ambrose – Wander Land, Sleepy Beauty, Enchantment

Valormore De Plume – Wakeful Dreaming

Bevan Boggenpoel – Peter Pan, Mythical Magic, Alice in Wonderland

Steve Lay – Shades of Orange, Harvey

Lyne Beringer – Foreword, Wonderland

Peter V. Dugan – Shhh! I’m Catching a Buzz!, Haunted Solstice

Elizabeth Daniel – Milk Chocolate Meltdown, Punctuality is the Key, From one Cirrus to Another

Mary Langer Thompson – A Little Wicked

Hugh DysartRabbit Hole Poets

Lynn White – Cabbage Dreams, Like Alice

Dale E WernerPlaying With Kings

Kristi L. Phillips – Neverland, Rabbit Hole

Brenda- Lee Ranta – Open Season

Leila Samarrai – Kitty Kisses

Maria Barba – Walk the Walk

Ken Allan Dronsfield A Ghostly Cold (Ode to the Flying Dutchman)

Thank you for supporting the Starving Artist Fund.

Down TheForeword …

Tick tock says the magic clock

In a language that’s part of the soul

Get in line for the gate

You don’t want to be late

For your trip down the rabbit hole…

Our everyday lives are filled to the brim with mostly ordinary things, like work, taking and picking up the dry cleaning, school, homework, dinner, and striving to have enough time for family and friends. We are busy in this modern world, filled with reality…  And yet something is missing.

But what if you could sit down for just a little while and escape to someplace special….someplace magical and quirky?  What if you could escape by slipping down the rabbit hole to a place of your choosing?  What if you travel somewhere you’ve never been and be back before anybody even knew you were gone?  What if reading the adventures of others inspired you to embark on some adventures of your own?

It gives me great pleasure to invite you inside the pages of this book.  You will find all kinds of lovely people, places and things.  You can meet Alice or Dorothy or the infamous Mr. Rabbit.  You can slip easily down the rabbit hole and be transported to worlds that contain the ordinary and not so ordinary.

“Down the Rabbit Hole” is a collective work of writings from poets who like you, live their lives inundated with the challenges and demands of everyday life.  They have unlocked the door to boundaries we all make for ourselves and turned those boundaries into fantastic, beautiful worlds to both help ease the boredom and perhaps spark the imagination.

Go ahead and make that cup of tea…add honey or sugar if you’d like…then sit down, close your eyes, and prepare to be transported to places you have never traveled to before.  Come with me…  I’ve got your hand.  Here we go…….  Down the Rabbit Hole.

~Lyne Beringer, Author of “Alaskan Vogue…Poetry From the Land of Ice and Shadows”


Release Date: July 26th 2017

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  1. Line, excellent intro.


  2. Please let us know when this is available for purchase.


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    Support the Starving Artist Fund! A light hearted Anthology to make you smile!!


  4. Honored to be included in this anthology!



  1. Down The Rabbit Hole – Leila Samarrai

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