Inspiration Call: Tell this story…


Inspiration Call: Write a Poem or Short Story that tells this story.

Share your written piece by dropping it in the comment section.
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  1. Our Baby

    Oh no!
    What have we done?
    Fooling around
    Was so much fun
    To our parents instructions
    Now we having a baby
    And parental complications
    Both of us are still young
    With no experience
    How will we take care of a baby
    After its deliverance?
    We will have to
    Make it go away
    We must not allow it to see
    The bright light of day
    I know this is not
    What both of us wanted
    Unfortunately our wish
    Was not granted
    We were careless
    Forgot to use protection
    We only cared about
    Our own satisfaction
    Now we have to deal with
    The problem that was created
    I hope this decision
    Wont leave us both agitated
    Seems like the only solution
    Yet it still creates
    A whole lot of confusion
    You are unhappy
    Which makes me so sad
    We didn’t once think our negligence
    Could turn out this bad
    Approaching our parents
    Is out of the question
    We will not consider it at all
    Though we are filled with desperation
    We’ll have to make a decision
    Sooner than later
    Whatever we decide
    Will still bite like an alligator
    Are we keeping it
    Or will we go for abortion?
    Whatever it is we do
    We’ll have to do it with caution

    © 2017 Bevan Boggenpoel


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