Writer Highlight Featuring: Shirley Cooper



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“Deep Love” (for men)

I remember the first day that I gave up my life,
I chose the love of a faithful wife.
Every twist and turn that I had made,
Was one more brick towards a brighter shade.
My heavy load was left behind,
To be a memory before the joy I’d find.
As I recall the commands in my weakest time,
I press forward and know she’s mine.
The storms of yesterday are gone and today is here,
And now, not one, but two are near.
My wife who rescued me from my past,
Has now given me a new love to grasp.
While she was my strength in my darkest hour,
The love inside her was grew a precious flower.
I could feel God molding a tiny life,
Just for me and my beautiful wife.
Surely, when the drought comes once again,
I know there’s two to bring the rain.
My wife is a gift from God above,
And now a child to bring more love.
So when I look back at my troubled life,
I find joy and peace birthing deep in my wife.

©  Shirley Cooper


Response to our Inspiration Call on July 4, 2017

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  1. wow …thats my mom! she is a great writer. thank you for this i loved it. i dont think she knows that its up haha i will let her know.


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