Spotlight Poet: D.B. Hall



Photo Credit: Donna J. Sanders



Night Janitor


One life ends as another one begins
and I have tears for both.

Disbelief runs rampant
across the hall from joy
as a newborn’s cries are swallowed
by heartbreaking pleas
during desperation’s final hour.

A preacher murmurs words of comfort
that are received with thanks
yet ring hollow in the depths of people’s pain
while across the hall a priest blesses a birth
beaming smiles cannot be contained
as the swaddled bundle is passed around.

On both sides of a bland white hall
sweet prayers are lifted up in their beliefs
a loose wheel on the nurses cart rattles
an amen to their prayers
necessary things are done.

Me, I’m just a night janitor
sweeping these dirty floors
a somber nod and prayer with this swipe
and a happy nod and prayer with this one
collecting up all the trash
passing all these many years praying
for all these many souls
that I’ve gained and lost
coming and going
as life begins and ends.

© D.B. Hall 7/11/2017

Featured Writer from “Creative Talents Unleashed Writers Group”

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  1. what a great poem. D.B. Hall does it again. He speaks to the heart.


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