About the Author: Meet Shantelle ‘Elle’ McLin


About the Author

Shantelle ‘Elle’ McLin

Creative Talents Unleashed is both thrilled and honored to announce the upcoming release of  Beyond Nursery Rhymes; Real Life Tales by Author Shantelle ‘Elle’ McLin.

Raised in one of the most influential cities in the United States history, Shantelle ‘Elle’ McLin was born on Thanksgiving Day in 1975.  In a thriving city, home of the first automobile and the musical movement of the new genre sound of Motown, Elle was the second conceived of three in a family of all daughters.  Managing to stay an honor student during difficult setbacks, after a short break, she would become a graduate of “The Breakfast Club” program in MI.   Shantelle soon after would attend Oakland Community College studying Liberal Arts.

Recreational writing began for this author at the age of 9 in journal formatting.  Her creativeness was sparked in Middle school during a notable visit to the library with her best friend. With an outdated range of selections, she instantly identified with the poets’ generations before her; she had found her outlet. While facing great personal difficulties, Elle treated poetry as a feel-good remedy to her melancholic episodes. This would become freeing to a young and timid adolescent, as she discovered her voice. Writing would become a soother and her pen, a microphone to express her challenges.

In 2009, several decades and many poems later, Shantelle would be given an opportunity to showcase her literary expressions and love for the written arts. As a gift from a first cousin her website www.ellemclin.com, (A Shared Format 4 Poets) would be initiated.

Besides poetry, Author McLin’s second passion is photography, where she loves to spotlight the innocence of children in her work.

Elle resides in her hometown of Detroit, MI. with her husband, daughter, and mother.

Beyond Nursery Rhymes

Preface . . .

I believe there is something of splendor within my pain. The motivation it inspires, the undetected strength being revealed, the hope it births inside to the creativity it cultivates. Although agonizing to endure such unbearable suffering within my life, random isolated moments of peace are valued and never taken for granted. There is something quite surrendering and comforting when induced from a poetic inebriation. To become frozen within time, to nurse yourself to health in that venting moment with pen in hand it becomes a form of freedom. That moment you get to let go of the pain, right there on paper.

Suffered as I did, I have rediscovered who I am time and time again. In constant search of my purpose, I’ve learned to dissect life and to reveal its hidden treasures. My downfalls would not be the end of me but my rebirth. My poetry is so important to that process. It is the course of healing and dealing while constantly maturing resultantly.

The light of my path has always been my faith and surviving with pen in hand. I’ve learned to deal with trying times and what seems as an unfair hand dealt channeling through my grandmother’s strength. I’m not unmindful that I am not alone in pain. It is others that motivate my pen. If my dark path could lead you into the direction of LIGHT then I am blessed three times over.

Although most poems scribed in this poetry book takes on a darker tone it is not for the sake of gaining compassion, but to bring awareness. In silence, we are imprisoned, both voicing and confronting our pain makes way for freedom. If we leave it hidden it becomes a spiraling tornado that brings chaos inside. If brave enough to release it, we also discharge its power and hold over us.

In this collection of semi-autobiographical book of poetry, you will hear a variety of tones. From the voice of blaring chaos inside a victim’s mind, depressive cries, whispers of a lost soul searching and to the intense vibrated melodies of heart rhythms in love. I welcome you inside this wandering troubled mind that has finally found its peace. Experience the journey of life being beyond nursery rhymes!


Beyond Nursery Rhymes; Real Life Tales

Available July 22nd, 2017

Visit Elle’s Author Page To Pre-Order Your Copy Today!





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