Writer Highlight Featuring: Susannah White



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As I sit here and think of the things that have happened throughout my life,
I notice it stirs up a multitude of emotions.

Inside of my soul, Its strange to feel both the calm seas and at the same time, the raging oceans.

Strange is the word given for I’ve never been able to travel to this depth within myself.
At first I didn’t know how to navigate these conflicting waters……..
As if my compass was somehow broke.
Now I set sail and am guided by the wind……..
Trying not to let time catch up.
A manmade compass I do not need,
My internal intuition is what guides me.

I look back on these things that have happened and I see how my experiences have cut me so deep.
I also see the ones that have come to finely polish me.

We would not know the beauty of that prismatic diamond had the artist not cut it precisely and polished it just right.
It would still be beautiful…….
Yet never fully able to refract the pure light.

I am learning to ride those rogue waves in that raging ocean…….
Just close my eyes and think of the calm seas and that wave…….. it takes me there.
No longer trapped underneath –
I’m now riding upon the crest –
My soul completely naked and bare.

I’ve had to endure much more than what I used to believe was righteously fair.
My whole life I felt I got the short end of the stick…………..
Never realizing my experiences have molded me into something extremely rare.

I will not let those waves completely dissipate,
For the passion that creates them will help me strive to my fate.

© Susannah White

Response to our Inspiration Call on July 14, 2017

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