Spotlight Poet: Jeffery Martin



Photo Credit: Donna J. Sanders





They give you nine numbers
to begin the process
steal your mother’s placenta
wrap you in hospital garb
and take mental notes
before the cameras
can be adjusted
then the onslaught begins
you are given a name,
a race, a gender, a neighborhood, a set of values,
a flag, a television, a radio,
and then the game
becomes complicated, evasive
the cameras are now rolling
everything is scripted
except you
the room is wired
your words are analysed
predicated on prompts already
in place
you have no idea that
you have never had a single
thought that was your own
even your rebelliousness
has an index
paid robots bring your music
dictate your speech pattern
and determine which clothes
shall protect you from a
warming climate
in cozy rooms
every argument is designed,
packaged and augmented
to draw you away from thinking
your brain no longer yours
repeats cripted messages
that you do not understand
because that requires critical observation
a vice separated at birth
refrigerated alongside the afterbirth
it is all one big blur
teachers are limited
so they limit
leaders rehearse their fairy-tales
for payouts and favor
and so you acquire stories
instead of truth
you watch games
where winners know
what routines to use
and losers what face to make
your response is always heeded
they are watching
watching for the slightest
flicker of thought
that would be treasonist
everything you know is scripted
federally funded
and boardroom stamped
there are no random occurrences
this game is not a competition
but an insurance policy
filed away
but never far
from placenta and baby

© Jeffery Martin


Featured Writer from “Creative Talents Unleashed Writers Group”

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