A Song for the Children – Author Jaz

Just because they came through you-

doesn’t mean you own them

When out of your mouth

comes foul verbiage-

you assault their ears

When you call them out of their name-

you dishonor their spirit

Innocence must be

protected at all costs

And so I will speak

for them

They are the fruit

of your womb-

not an inconvenience

Young eyes look to you for nurturing

so you can’t push your issues on them

or use them as a receptacle for your anger

That child doesn’t have

the capacity to hold your rage-

nor should they have to!

Get some counseling for that

Don’t make them the parent

Dumping ground

Or trash can

Fight your demons in the name of Jesus

Recognize the enemy

and the propensity for generational curses

Innocence must be

protected at all costs

And so I will

speak for them

Speak to your babies & not at them

They are people too

and deserve respect

Do you realize that

mangled minds

prowl this earth…

because they didn’t get a hug from mama?

or an “I love you” from papa?

When you used them

as a punching bag

it had to go somewhere

Stored up in them-

it had to manifest

Changed who they were supposed to be

and now they’re monsters

Is that what you had in mind

when you thought it okay

to slap them around??

When you ignored them

didn’t you know that

insatiable void left

would be filled in

self-destructive ways?

They’re gonna hurt themselves

to get that love or

hurt someone else

cause they didn’t get that love

Understand that what you allow

into your home affects your children-

even if they’re in the other room

Don’t think cause they’re out of earshot

that it’s not going into their spirit

You are creating an atmosphere of dysfunction

And again it will manifest into their lives

and spill out into others

Innocence must be

protected at all costs

And so I will speak for them

I will speak with them

I will sing to them, I will pray for them.


© Jaz

Serendaing Flowers

Excerpt from the book Serenading Flowers

Jaz WAbout the Author

Jaz is an actress, ASCAP member-songwriter, published poet, model and singer from Philly, PA. Jaz is pursuing her BA in Theater Studies at Temple University. She is a member of Temple’s Golden Key International Honour Society and on the Dean’s List. Jaz was also just awarded as a 2017 honoree of Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges.

Visit Jaz’s Author Page At www.ctupublishinggroup.com/jaz.html

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