About the Author: Meet Kesau’c N. Hill


About the Author

Kesau’c N. Hill

Creative Talents Unleashed is both thrilled and honored to announce the upcoming release of  Serengeti Noise by Author Kesau’c N. Hill.

Book Description: ‘Serengeti Noise’ is the story of the birthing of a man.  Prison can make a boy believe that he is as the penal system has defined him.  In this case, prison was the place where a boy fought to find the man within him; allowing himself to be touched by the goodness of three outstretched branches that were handed to him.  He used the branches, to slowly beat the anger out of himself; while everyone around him remained as the system had defined them.

This is a book about truth, where the author’s frenzied prison wall poetry saved his life, his words bringing awareness to his need to be something more.  This is a book about the power of the inner sanctum. The author’s depth of recognition of his innate goodness, snatching the powerful lessons from his mentors and the strong women in his life; which became the foundation in which this amazing man/poet was birthed.

  “First there was the word, and the word became flesh and the word was truth.”  I use this as a metaphor for the words that Kesau’c N. Hill has written within these pages.  ‘Serengeti Noise’ is an astounding book of prose which left me with a sense of melancholy and hope, which I can’t quite shake or dismiss.

Serengeti Noise


Before I ever knew what a “man” was, I was found guilty of taking the life of one. Before my age could tolerate the reality of manhood I was made into one in the worse place that one could be made. Sixteen years old and sentenced to serve 15 years to life in the California Department of Corrections, gangs would become my ultimate death style. The classical portrait of a young black male, full of rage, marginalized and destined to implode, but that’s just one episode. GOD put a spirit in me obviously, worth saving. Deep within the bowels of the prison, I was sent three MENTORS who would become the necessary bridges I’d need in order to cross some pretty disturbing waters.

The first was my uncle Gary Williams, Sr. my parental mentor. He would visit me throughout my most defining years. We’d play chess or dominos while he’d question me as to what kind of “man” I wanted to be and that mold of questioning would shape the fight in me. I didn’t realize it then but he kept the future in front of me while I was focused only on the end.

The second was Dr. E.M. Abdulmumin, my spiritual mentor.  He was the Muslim Chaplain that had the sight to see past my rebellious personality into something spiritual in me. He was good at getting me to think and challenging my moral perceptions. He was the wet stone that would sharpen me mentally. He taught me that there was a beautiful strength & power in the ability to do right.

The third was Mr. John Murphy, the English teacher at HGS Youth Training School. The man who taught me to use my voice and not my fist. He taught me that similar to martial arts, there was an art to this more delicate than the brush and sharper than the sword. So, he mentored me in the use of one of the greatest weapons anyone could possess. That’s POETRY and the power of the heart’s expression.

I would be confronted with all of what they’d given me while serving fourteen weeks in solitary confinement. I would use the weapon of poetry by writing them all over the prison cell walls as if they were some ancient runes used to not only ward off but heal the wounds buried deep within me. It would hold back and crack the walls around me; from that small sliver of light, I found ME.

I walked out of that hole a different man;

I walked out a mentor full of fire and a pounding heart.

I walked out of that dark space, a Poet.


Serengeti Noise

Available July 29th, 2017

Visit Kesau’c N. Hill’s Author Page To Pre-Order Your Copy Today!




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