Writer Highlight Featuring: D.B. Hall


Voice in the Zephyrs

Snows swiftly retreat
to the cloudy tops of ageless mountains
letting the onslaught of warm winds
create quite a majestic look.

The lost lady of the mountains
stepped forth from her winter abode
feeling the rhythms of the earth
through her bare soles
waking the village
with her Foehn.

The villagers rejoiced
at the signaling of planting season
but the truth was
the lady roared
full of angst and fury
unable to pass the ward
at the front of the cave
forever bound
in her wrath.

Her hope for salvation
whisked away
for in every season
the villagers rejoiced
dancing and singing
in the breezes
a voice lost in the zephyrs.


© D.B. Hall

Response to our Inspiration Call on July 21, 2017

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  1. Writer Highlight Featuring: D.B. Hall | D.B. Hall

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