A Year Ago – Author Ryan Vallee

I remember when you would

Look at me, and know

That I needed an arm around me.

You would slide closer

And look me in the eyes and

Tell me everything I needed and

Wanted to hear, as if I handed

You the script earlier with everything

I wished you to say.

Those were the days, I tight-roped the world

Without a harness, my fall would always

Find a cushion in your arms.

Your appetite was evident everywhere,

The kitchen, in the bedroom.

I just wish I knew what day it was

That you decided you were full,

And excused yourself from the table.

I wonder if I could have made a meal

That wasn’t as filling. If I gave

Myself too easily.

And if I’ll ever let my feet leave the ground.

I’m not worried about the future, or

Making the same mistake.

I just want to stop washing

These same dishes, as you sit, starved

In front of a new plate.


© Ryan Vallee


Excerpt from the book “Off The Leash”


About the Author

Ryan Vallee  is a  36 year old husband, and father to three kids. He grew up in Michigan and has lived there all his life. He began writing in the 6th grade, on and off throughout high school and after.  He went on a bit of hiatus until a year ago, when he  picked the pencil back up and hasn’t stopped writing since.

 Visit Ryan’s Author Page At: www.ctupublishinggroup.com/ryan-vallee.html

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