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Be prepared to be inspired!  ‘Jus Sayin’ is a beautiful compilation, woven from deeply relevant thought and inspiration that the author has shared over time, on social media.  Having an indefatigable human spirit, this author challenges us to see life as an everyday miracle, an opportunity for personal growth, inner strength and love for human kind.  It is a deeply touching book about love, forgiveness, self-acceptance, respect and gratitude.  Written in easy speak; it is a joy for the reader.

A highly motivational book, it will urge us to see the silver lining in all circumstances, viewing our hardships as valuable lessons, forgiving what we think to be unforgivable, being of service to humanity, especially our children.  Jeffery Martin has searched his soul, knows himself well; his only yardstick for measurement is his own.  The honesty of his spirit is felt throughout this beautiful book.  If you enjoy books such as ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul,” Jeffery Martin has taken soul comfort to a new level, with a dash of hot sauce.  It is a book you will want to revisit time and again, seeking out beautiful words of wisdom, there is a passage there for every circumstance.

“I’m not working for a better tomorrow, I’m working for a better today. Tomorrow doesn’t need me, today does,” is one excerpt which left me smiling, thankful for having read this refreshingly positive and powerful book.

Brenda-Lee Ranta, author of Myriad of Perceptions & Allegories

“I am a poet dedicated to using whatever gifts I have to make this world better for EVERYONE.” – Jeffery Martin

Here are a few excerpts from Jeffery’s latest book Jus Sayin’

April 24, 2012

What is the definition of beauty? Does one opinion deserve more respect than others? Is there just one reference manual on its definition? And if so, who wrote that manual, and is he or she in a position to determine what shall be beautiful for me?


June 24, 2012

Surround yourself with peace and quiet as often as possible. But at those times when noise is necessary make sure it’s coming from thinkers. There’s nothing worse than the air being filled with the sounds of people who believe thinking is a crime and common sense a mystery.


June 30, 2012

For poets and lovers of the written word there is expression for every aspect of life. Regardless of circumstance what we write or read can give some comfort or at least movement toward some kind of healing. This is the magic of script. The source of its power is at times inexplicable, but moving about in the soul space within giving life to alternatives spiritually motivated, it is our gift, our leverage when life becomes heavy and monotonous. Nothing to be taken for granted it has the power to challenge systems and transform communities. Write and read my people, write and read.


October 7, 2012

I smiled as I went through my routines of exercise and reading, knowing that the goal has always been to sustain and improve upon what the universe has given me. Taking nothing for granted; life is more precious every day. I don’t cheat on life because I don’t want life to cheat on me.

jefferyAbout the Author

Poet, storyteller Jeffery Martin author of nine books (5 books of poetry, 3 children’s books and a play), uses life experiences as his inspiration behind what he shares with the world.  His first book “Weapon of Choice” won the 2008 New Jersey Beach Book Festival for Best Book of Poetry and was also an Honorable Mention in New York and London Book Festivals of the same year.  His book of poetry “As Sons Love Their Mothers” received Honorable Mention in the 2011 San Francisco Book Festival.  He also received Honorable Mention for his children’s book, “Silly Billy” in the same festival. He has also lent his pen to five anthologies including “Rushing Waters, Rising Dreams: How The Arts Are Transforming A Community,” “No Hablo Espanol,” “The Border Crossed Us,” “Revolutionary Poets Brigade Los Angeles,” “The Coiled Serpent. He has lent his voice to several poetry CD’s and in 2015 released his own poetry CD entiltled “Jeffery Road”

 Mr. Martin has been very active in community for some time, founding the theatre group B.E.H.O.L.D. for inner city youth in Rochester, New York, where youth were introduced to poetry, dance, martial arts, fencing, theater, drumming, clowning, acrobatics, art, ceramics and public speaking.  He believes that words can be a source of strength and healing, using his life as an example.  He is currently employed by Los Angeles Unified School District and works with children with special needs.

Visit Jeffery’s Author Page At: www.ctupublishinggroup.com/jeffery-martin-.html

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  1. Love these excerpts! Will check him out!


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