Featured Writer: Michele Finley

Dear Daddy


When you look at me,

What do you see?

Do you see my smiling eyes?

Or just a child you do not need?


Do you notice me at all?

When you are playing games

Or watching football?


I heard you once say,

That you wished I had not been born.

This breaks my little heart,

And leads me to morn.


I eagerly await,

For a little bit of your attention,

But all I get is yelled at,

And spankings that I forgot to mention.


Do you love me at all daddy?

You never say.

Maybe just a little daddy?

Maybe just for today?


I heard you tell mommy

That you want to be alone

It seems to me,

That you have already gone.


I’m still beside you though, daddy –

Waiting with hope.

Do you see me daddy?

Now is when I need you the most.


I’m growing up daddy.

I’m a boy who needs his father.

Will you love me daddy?

Please just try a little harder.


©  Michele Finley

MF   About the Author

Alabama native Michele Rose, has written two adult oriented non-fiction books aimed at helping women cope with loss and despair, titled 808 and Out of the Darkness.  Recently she found inspiration from her six-year-old son to write a children’s book which explains race and stereotypes to small children, titled I Am Tan.  She enjoys a quiet life with her husband and son and continues to write stories and articles.

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