Spotlight Poet: Susan Kahil



Photo Credit: Dinna J. Sanders



When you read this poem look between the lines and words
Those blank spaces hide the real message to be heard
Vibrational signals an intangible sequenced tone
We pick up the denser heavier frequency shown
Pauses and stops when the spirit breath enters
A silent place pure quietness without stentor
Every single letter that’s inked in a traced outline
Is but a shadow cast from the invisible noted rhyme
We cannot write with sacred light eyes never comprehend
Our souls the metaphysical allow us to take and bend
So to one another we converse speak the shadows tongue
Words are just coded echoes of a feeling already spun
Just as the stars light arrives to us so very much later
So do the thoughts we think through voice or on paper
From a place so deep as never could be described
A spark ignited coming in through a cosmic tide
Reverberations in song or scribed memories to become
Even us we are but shadows speaking the shadows tongue


©  Susan Kahil


Featured Writer from “Creative Talents Unleashed Writers Group”

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  1. Love this. Captures a process few realize. For all that we encounter are but the ripples caused by some indiscernible stimuli from a time before time. Thank you for sharing this lucid musing.


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