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The Mask


I am fine said the teenage girl before she cut her wrist

I am fine said the boy before he jumped from the cliff

I am fine said the mother before she took all those pills

I am fine said the father before he lost all his will

I am fine said the brother before he pulled the trigger of the gun

I am fine said the sister before she watched her last setting sun

You asked why did they do this they said that they were fine

It was the mask that they were wearing they were hiding from behind

Some are filled with sorrow and some are filled with pain

Some are filled with loneliness and some with guilt and shame

Some have been bullied to the point of no return

Some feel that their judgment can’t be overturned

But they put a mask on to try and make it through the day

When you ask how are you doing they say that I’m okay

There are all types of people who wear the mask-they could be old, wealthy, young or poor

It doesn’t matter where you are in life-one day you too may wear the mask they wore

So if you see someone smiling that grin from ear-to-ear

Remember it could be just a mask that’s hiding all their hidden fears


© Tony Hale

kkdsAbout the Author

Hello my name is Tony Hale I reside in Moore, Oklahoma.

I have two beautiful girls Kylee and Peyton.

I enjoy all sports and activities my girls are involved in.

I also enjoy archery, shooting, kayaking, photography and spending time with family and friends. I write poetry to help express my emotions.

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2 replies

  1. Thank you Tony for posting this again. You are a very smart man! Hopefully this will help someone from suicide. God bless You and yours!


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