Author Interview with Hugh Dysart

My first bookIntroducing Hugh Dysart

Hugh Dysart is a long-time musician, songwriter, poet and lyricist. Hugh has been playing blues and rock for almost fifty years and writing for fifteen.

His greatest influences have always been music based, appreciating the genius of both the music and lyrics written by The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Rolling Stones. It had has greatly influenced his writing of lyrics.

 It is seen in his works, that he holds strong beliefs in social justice, very liberal views regarding human rights in a quest for equanimity.

 He has discovered a love of writing poetry and prose; a natural progression as a lyricist. He resides in Timmins, Ontario Canada, with his soul mate and is a father of two and a grandfather.

Interview – Book: Torn Poems

Creative Talents Unleashed: Hi Hugh, thank you for agreeing to this interview.

Hugh: I’m honored to be asked.

Creative Talents Unleashed: Tell us a little about yourself and your background?

302579_242748782435233_4426381_nHugh: I’m 63, a father, grandfather and the soul mate of Brenda- Lee Ranta, another poet of C.T.U. I’m a musician, a drummer and have played blues and rock for almost 50 years. My last gig was 3 days ago.

Creative Talents Unleashed: So, when did you fall in love with poetry or writing in general, when did you decide this life was for you? Tell us a bit about that discovery process.

Hugh: Even though I was playing in bands doing original music, I never wrote lyrics. I started about 15 years ago and very seriously in the last 5 years. I now, have two working art forms. I’m still shocked.

 Creative Talents Unleashed: Why do you write, what is it that you’re trying to communicate through your work?

Hugh: I have to write, short answer. It haunts me.  I’m basically writing from a liberal agenda. I’m a news junkie and a student of geo-political politics. I comment. I harass.

Surprisingly, I find I have a way with romantic poetry. I have a sweet side.

Creative Talents Unleashed: Where does your inspiration come from, what might inspire you at any moment to write a story or poem?

Hugh: No idea usually. Falls in and out of my head. I do tend to write pieces related to books I’m reading. I just read, “Land Where the Blues Began”. I wrote three pieces related to it. I hear a phrase and it rolls.

 Creative Talents Unleashed: What was the hardest thing about writing your book?

Hugh: The editing. I had a large back log of material.

Torn PoemsCreative Talents Unleashed: What was the easiest thing about writing your book?

Hugh: I wrote it, edited it. Chose the material and put it in the order I wanted.  Then the work started of piecing it together into a well-done manuscript. That’s when Brenda-Lee took over. Picking the cover was easy. The picture is a killer and reminds me of Pink Floyd’s, “Umma-Gumma,” album cover.

 Creative Talents Unleashed: There are many authors who say that in the process of writing a book you learn things about yourself. Did you learn anything in your book writing process about yourself, if so what?

Hugh: I’m not bad at this.

Creative Talents Unleashed: What in your view is the role or responsibility of a writer or poet, if there is any? 

 Hugh:  None. Watch, listen. Create Like a Madman!

Creative Talents Unleashed: What are your ambitions as a writer, where do you hope to see yourself in say 5 years?

Hugh: Hopefully on book 5, lol. Just keep writing, playing, creating. The older I get, the more I just want to create continuously.

Creative Talents Unleashed: Who is your favorite writer or poet? Perhaps you have a favorite quote from them that you would like to share.

Hugh: Brenda-Lee Ranta…. I’m not kidding, I love her work.

Creative Talents Unleashed: What advice would you give to aspiring writers who have dreams of publishing or making writing a career choice?

Hugh: I never wrote for publication, at least not for a long time. I just loved it. Regardless of what art you practice…. practice. Play, write, paint, whatever as often as you can.

Excerpt from the book: Torn Poems


Abuse Nation


His first slap stung, it always did,

kids cried, ran, hid

Second slap, pure humiliation

Another night in abuse nation.


They met, loved, dreamt,

she knew what Mama meant

It was her fault, bit by bit

Made your bed girl, sleep in it


Her world, closed fists, bruising, swelling,

kids as currency, no running, no telling

Sunglasses, make up, appearances to preserve,

Mama’s dead voice, “you get what you deserve”


Another night, worse than the rest

Bloody floors, stab to the chest

No tears, pain, no humiliation

Fade to black on abuse nation


First slap didn’t sting, it always did,

no screaming, crying, no one hid

Second slap, no humiliation,

curtains fall, on abuse nation.


© Hugh Dysart

Excerpt from the book “Torn Poems”

Visit Hugh’s Author Page At


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