Writer Highlight Featuring: Ashley Bechtold



Photo Credit: Pixabay.com


My labor was long and grueling, the most painful 30 hours of my life. I’m exhausted, but everyone is screaming that it’s almost over. I Legitimately thought I was going to die. The edges of my vision were caving as I began to pass out. My blood pressure was dropping and quickly. The pain was all consuming. I’m lying on my back, ready to die. I didn’t want to go on. Through the haze, I could hear the hallow echo of a really kind nurse, who gently cradled me in her arms, holding my hand whispering, “hold onto my voice, one more push, and you’re done.” I cried. I moaned, and with the next pain, a screeching sound pierced the room that came from some place in me I never knew existed. There he was: my son. All 6 pounds of him had just emerged from my body. I was elated and tired, but that was my son. I did it. I finally had my baby.

© Ashley Bechtold

Response to our Inspiration Call on August 17, 2017

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