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Photo Credit: Lyne Beringer


In the Moonlight… An Unusual Love Story


In the moonlight I called out to you

Deep in shadows where you stood

It was said you might be evil

But all I felt was good

The words that you were speaking

Not a one of them made sense

An eternity of secrets

Symbolic words used as defense

I had to close my eyes to see you

Swirling colors everywhere

All the world fell silent

I ran my fingers through my hair

I swear I felt you touch me

Though you never crossed the room

Electric, crazy energy

Into shadows from out of gloom

I turned to find a hallway

That was guarded by a door

I had the strangest feeling

Like I had passed this way before

Then suddenly I felt your hand

Wrap itself in mine

Your eyes were red as rubies

Immortal intertwined

I took a breath then let it out

A soul that felt complete

Ready for my slumber

Til in the moonlight next we meet


©  Lyne Beringer

A BEST ME EVER3 About the Author

There are things that go bump in the night… even as the moon gazes into the darkness and smiles…  Even the creatures who roam unnoticed….  Even they seek love…..

My name is Lyne and I live and write in Fairbanks Alaska.  A genuine place of beauty.  But every year the darkness fills every corner as people shuffle about covered in warmth and chilled anyway…This is where the magic lives…  All wrapped up in a blanket of white…. Poetry flows like pools of ink, crimson in its resting place.  Sit back… relax… and let me show you the love…..

Lyne Beringer Author, Alaskan Vogue…. Poetry From the Land of Ice and Shadows



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