Featured Writer: Markus Fleischmann

The Ravine


Dusk had kissed

The rim of day

And there he stood

At the edge of his loneliness

Looking out to his

Heart’s ravine

As his sorrows look in

His darkness now

A nightly shroud

A fabric of starlit lace

Hiding his saddened tears

As they trickle down

His weathered face

Wishes cast

In his nightly endevour

Come unanswered

Lost forever

And there he stood

Gazing out into his life’s

Ever stretched horizon

Pondering his mind’s denizen

As he finds himself host

To uninvited guests

Echoes come creeping

Like buried ghosts

A time forgotten

Laid to rest

A storm brewing in the west

Yet he remained steadfast

He’s his own pioneer

As he conquers his fears

Drowning in tears


© Markus Fleischmann

markus About the Author

My passion is writing, being able to share my thoughts in rhyme and verse is what brings me joy. I’ve been writing for 26 years, I started off writing for myself but time had shown me that others benefit from my poetry for they come from my heart and soul, often my writing is dark, I paint a picture with my words of everyday felt emotions such as love, headache, sadness and depression, death and life, fears and desires.

I can’t picture not writing, it is who I am, words scream in the silence far too loud. My dream is to become a full-time author and I hope you all will be there for me to share this dream with.


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