I Miss You – Author Amanda Hoppes


I cry because you aren’t here


…I miss you


Each day I try to be happy,


but it seems impossible


You were my everything,


you were my hope


and since you left


my heart has felt nothing


…I miss you


You brought strength to my soul


and a smile to my face


When will I see your face again?


…I miss you


The best friend, the best person


was taken away from me


All I do now


is wish for yesterday


The time I had with you


quickly went away


The years I spent with you-


memories start to fade


Without you here, I have become lost


You gave me confidence to move on


You gave me the power to be someone


Now you can’t be here with me


…and I miss you


When can I see you smile again?


If all I can do is dream until the day we meet again, then let me sleep forever…


© Amanda Hoppes

BookCoverImage Amanda

Excerpt from the book “From Midnight To Moonlight”

Me wtih book 3

About the Author

Writing has been my passion since the age of 7… my inspiration to keep going with my writing has always come from my mother. Even though she passed away when I was 18, it is now driven by her memory.

 My name is Amanda Hoppes born and raised in Waterloo, Iowa. My writing is my every step, every move, every breath I take; It’s my vibrant smile, my saddest frown, my every single mistake; It’s my heart on fire, my soul so deep, my mind always free; It’s my life line, my past, present and future, my writing is ME.

Visit Author Page At: www.ctupublishinggroup.com/amanda-hoppes-.html

Free to Read on Kindle Unlimited At:  www.amazon.com/dp/B01KXW4WW6

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2 replies

  1. “Even if my destiny won’t change, I have something to tell you
    “I want to go back…” to that day, that time, this one wish is all I need

    I’m missing you now
    There’s so much I want you to know
    Oh, I miss you, I miss you
    All I could do was wish it was all a dream
    This heart of mine is still crying
    I’ll always be thinking of you.” -Misia “Aitakute Ima” (逢いたくていま)

    “I’m so glad I met you. We’ll meet again someday.
    So that we don’t forget each other, let’s embrace.

    Even if we are apart, I am together with you more than before.
    Now I can look ahead and walk on.

    We will become stronger with each parting.
    If I close my eyes, we can always meet.

    In the end with a kiss, it’s time to say goodbye.” -Kokia “Time To Say Goodbye”

    “I’ll change the memories of the love I was lucky
    to come across into kindnesss
    It’ll continue on endlessly to the future
    I just wanna be with you on this road forever

    Memories of when the days passed by without me even being able to say goodbye
    even now speak to my heart

    I won’t forget

    I’ll change the memories of the love I was lucky
    to come across into stardust
    It’ll shine in my heart no matter what
    I want to protect the message of the starry sky forever
    Your kindness was a present, thank you from my heart.” -Misia “Ginga” (銀河)

    “If a fate that can’t be fought has been decided upon, I want to live for you
    Because I know that living for someone for sure makes life shine more.” -Kokia “Spirits”


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