Writer Highlight Featuring Ana Carver



Photo Credit: Pixabay.com


We used to go to the beach whenever we felt blue. We loved it at night especially. The sea used to bring us peace from somewhere far away in our souls, and even when we weren’t sisters we definitely felt like we were. You used to laugh at everything and had a fling for accents and astrology. I used to mock you for that. You used to laugh heartily and openly and your tilted front teeth seemed to me your most adorable feature. But the sea, striking the earth with irreproachable fury, sending the gleams of the streetlights above as in explosions, as in ground level fireworks, or tiny clusters of orange stars spreading over dark surfaces as quickly as they vanished, always aroused in us the feeling that we were witnessing magic; that we were safe, at home. Once I even told you “Marry Me”. We had been crying because my boyfriend broke my heart. Yes, that was the extent of your love, your friendship. You always cried with me as if the pain tearing my heart open was yours. We had gone to the beach and while holding hands and singing some stupid Pop song, I told you that you should marry me, since clearly you were my soul mate. We burst out laughing. We even fell in the sand and got our socks wet. How wonderful life is at 19.

© Ana Carver

Response to our Inspiration Call on August 16, 2017

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