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The Burn


70,000 burners gathered,
The night air warm and dry.
All the art cars circled behind us,
Bass rhythm rising toward the sky.

Rangers spread across the Playa,
Fire Dancers begin the show,
Dancing uniform in many groups,
Twirling fire sticks that glow.

Fireworks light up the night,
Memorials ignite in flame.
Cheers of the crowd erupt,
This is why so many came.

Slowly the grand structure goes,
As the fireworks continue to tear.
Finally the large man bursts,
Sending up an inferno so near.

Everyone begins a great roar,
Louder than the sound of the bass.
The noise of the blaze now growing,
As the heat quickly reaches your face.

The mass watch it all slowly fall,
In wonder at the amazing show.
But devastation does occur,
A man runs into the fiery glow.

Unfortunately, he met his demise,
Veterans tell how it happened before.
It immediately changes the atmosphere,
The multitude aches at its core.

Some go out to really party,
An accumulation of their sins.
Others chose to work in camp,
To bond with all of their friends.

As the yellow sun begins to rise,
The last of the embers still burn.
The week finally comes to an end;
Oh, the many lessons we did learn.


© Buffy Lee 2017


Featured Writer from “Creative Talents Unleashed Writers Group”

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