About the Author: Meet Billy Charles Root

Billy Root

About the Author

Billy Charles Root

Creative Talents Unleashed is both thrilled and honored to announce the upcoming release of The Hyde I Hide.

William Charles Root  was born on October 21st, 1975 in San Bernardino California. For the most part he was raised by his father In Rialto and Apple Valley California. In 1995 he moved to Oklahoma where his wife Tina and him have nine children combined and three grandchildren. He has been a professional automotive technician for twenty years and is still employed for the United States postal service.

Billy started writing in 2010, starting out with some short scribbles about his present spiritual condition. His writing became more poetic and revealing as he continued to grow closer to Jesus. From 2010 to present he would write poems and send them to friends and family. Then I started posting in various groups on Facebook such as “The Writers Connection”, “Serious Lovers of Poetry” and the page “Creative Talents Unleashed”.  September 15, 2014 he officially became a published author with the release of his first book titled “Pressing On

The Hyde I Hide Book Description: This poetry collection addresses the faults we find in ourselves and explores how we can face up to, understand and survive the demons alive and kicking in our hearts and minds.

Depression and anxiety are difficult subjects to talk about, often left undiagnosed and without a cure. In these pages, you will find a coping mechanism and a salvation that can only be found by being brutally and unapologetically honest with yourself.

We must always reap what we sow because the law of cause and effect tells us so. We are so much more than our actions; our fears, beliefs, and attitude are key to how we deal with life experiences. We must learn to accept ourselves, including our failures, and know that what is hidden by darkness will have its time to shine in the light. Truths, no matter how ugly they may be, will reveal themselves and beauty and goodness will be forthcoming.

Billy Charles Root reminds us to keep a faithful heart, to walk with patience and with the promise of euphoria in each and every step. His poetry shows us how to keep hope awake in the most tiring and darkest of nights. The battles that run riot in our hearts and minds are necessary and allow us to prepare for and win the war.

The Hyde I Hide Preface . . .

Tucked away herein, between the creases, flyleaf’s and paper flapped pages of this book are the fractures and fault lines of my human heart. A heart that has endured much self-induced and inflicted trauma caused by a depressed mind. A depressed mind that has birthed self-flagellation caused by the thoughts of this sinful man. When asked what was wrong with the world, it is reported that GK Chesterton answered with the quote “I am” and that is what this book is all about.

 So before you begin to read these writings I would just like to say, these are not the writings of a mentally unstable person. Nor are they the musings of a self-loathing man. They are not the ebbs and flows of a suicidal human being, (though they may read like they are). They are merely the results of a man who knows the truth about himself and the struggles that live within.

My hopes in your reading this book are that you might see you’re not alone. That I would know that I’m not alone. That you notice in most of them, I still find hope. And lastly that in reading them you would see my hope and in turn, gain hope for yourself.

My love to you all,


The Hyde I Hide

Available September 16th, 2017

Visit Billy’s Author Page To Pre-Order Your Copy Today!



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