Spotlight Writer: Scott Klingensmith



Photo Credit: Donna J. Sanders



Black Blood


I’m almost impaled onto the spikes
I could feel the blood that would’ve been splattered
My heart jumped in my stomach
The weak chains wrapped around my mind
Sudden rage awakening from beneath
My eyes twirled to the back of my head
I sat there in fucking awe yet again
Diamonds is all she wants
You’re picking at my brain like im a mine
Nothing but dust settles there
Put the axe pick down stop swinging at me
Leave me be please
Im done holding onto the fairy tale
Close the book im not reading anymore
When I met the devil I shook his hand
I bleed inside looking in his eyes
His excuse was many bullshit lies
Im surprised you played me from the start
Crushing my feet so I can’t walk
You laugh hysterically as I crawl
You created the man yet you abandon me
Funnily enough I abandoned you definitely
Sleeping upon ancient ghosts who walked earth
I hear the screams of those who are burnt
Build up your walls then tear them down
Im sick of this shit you finally found your sound
Soul less like the flower without the bee
Killing my mind when you plant that seed
Disguise you in a suit of men tie and all
My heart just fucking bends again
Breaking the stitches of lost love
I want no interruptions anymore
Decide my fate before im born
So you’ll call the shots like a king before he has a sword
Laughter fades as the pitch black forms
Forests of green I cut open the tree
Black blood spills from it
We have been tricked by a force
I wish I was impaled onto the spikes
Seeing what is after the message he left me
Life’s a road that will end
Prepare for the devil of red smoke
He’ll land you a hand to hold
Trust nothing in this wicked damned light
Trust this , he is watching
Always fucking watching


© Scott Klingensmith


Featured Writer from”The Writers Connection”

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