Introducing Susannah White “Where the Soul Wanders”

Where the Soul WandersPreface . . .

I invite you on the incredible journey to the depths of where my soul wanders. These words that flow from my pen have soared up from these depths and happened to land in front of you. Take a look – you may be surprised at what you find. None the less…. at least you’ll find one thing in here to occupy your mind.

Through the years I’ve come to see that not everything is what we’ve been taught to believe. Looking into one’s own soul is where the answers can be found. Learning to spread your wings and rise above is what makes this life profound. This book of my thoughts, dreams, and realizations, I’m hoping leaves an imprint on your soul. The intent to plant a seed and watch it grow.

This personal journey is meant to be shared to this world who faces so much despair. If in yourself it can spark a light, then I know my efforts on this earth emit something that feels so right. These rhyming words that I use, happen to be my soul’s inspirational muse. Where my soul wanders is a beautiful place. Through the dark and light, I’ve come to find… no matter the trials, we must always walk in grace.

Where the Soul Wanders – Now Available

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