Featured Writer: Jeffery Martin

jefferyJeffery’s latest book Jus Sayin’, is a highly motivational book, it will urge us to see the silver lining in all circumstances, viewing our hardships as valuable lessons, forgiving what we think to be unforgivable, being of service to humanity, especially our children.  Jeffery Martin has searched his soul, knows himself well; his only yardstick for measurement is his own.  The honesty of his spirit is felt throughout this beautiful book.  If you enjoy books such as ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul,” Jeffery Martin has taken soul comfort to a new level, with a dash of hot sauce.  It is a book you will want to revisit time and again, seeking out beautiful words of wisdom, there is a passage there for every circumstance.

 Here are a few excerpts from Jeffery’s latest book Jus Sayin’


August 2, 2013

I heard Dick Gregory talk about the “invisible people,” the folk who do all the cleaning, fixing, rearranging and putting things in the proper place. These are people who guarantee things will run smoothly, yet no one knows their names or gives them the respect they deserve.

Well, being in Cabo San Lucas I see firsthand how vital they are to making others comfortable. They are the life blood to this so-called “civilization” for sure. I salute all of them, all of us, all of we, who make life easy for that small % who never actually see “us.”


August 11, 2013

As much as I enjoy life and the fun found therein the most important lesson I take from it isn’t found in clubs or the number of places I go or even the number of people I meet.

The main lesson is in the feeling I get when I partake in a kind gesture towards my fellow man/woman. That feeling inspires my poetry, my exercise, my reading and anything of real worth in my life. I am here because individuals looked down and picked me up through their words. They started a fire within me. They let me in on a secret: In doing for others, you do for self…for real!


August 19, 2013

I reflect quite a bit because I want to be better every day. It is my one constant goal in life. Other goals change and vary but this one remains consistent (I hope). Life has given me lessons on so many levels that sometimes it is as if I’m speaking of another person and not myself.

But all along I’ve had this relationship with the written word ( my own and others) that has given me an outlet to not only transcend situations but to record my thoughts and feelings, and be brave enough to admit my weaknesses while growing in the process. The good times were good indeed, but the bad times made me a writer…and a man.

Jus Sayin

Jus Sayin’–Now Available

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Jeffery MartinAbout the Author

 Mr. Martin has been very active in community for some time, founding the theatre group B.E.H.O.L.D. for inner city youth in Rochester, New York, where youth were introduced to poetry, dance, martial arts, fencing, theater, drumming, clowning, acrobatics, art, ceramics and public speaking.  He believes that words can be a source of strength and healing, using his life as an example.  He is currently employed by Los Angeles Unified School District and works with children with special needs.

Visit Jeffery’s Author Page At: www.ctupublishinggroup.com/jeffery-martin-.html

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