Inspiration Call: Tell this story…


Inspiration Call: Write a Poem or Short Story that tells this story.
Share your written piece by dropping it in the comment section.
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  1. Notion of protection

    She laughs
    Law enforcing authorities encircling her life
    Stand against so-called child abusers
    A child needs warmth from adults
    Acceptance, soft talk and warmth
    Brutal act abusing kills the character
    Walking animals taste the blood hastily
    Never missing any tiny weakness
    Ever planning to bite any
    From the morning to the night
    School back to the home
    Even in their childish sleep
    They are prone to the brutal act
    Children suffering from a fear of being abused
    Little ones will laugh
    As soon as, they feel loving kindness
    Growing in the warmth of adults
    To lighten the future
    By means of caring the next generation
    In the same way they are being treated
    © Sunil Algama- September 30, 2017


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