The Magic Carpet ~ Author Vincent Van Ross



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The Magic Carpet


Jane had just lost her parents

In an accident

A few days ago

And, all her relative

Were gathered at her place

To decide as to what is to be done

With the property left behind

By her wealthy parents


Janes parents knew how greedy

Their relatives were

They had foreseen this situation

When they were still alive


So, they took Jane to the attic

When she turned twelve

And showed her a magic carpet

That would fly away at her command


As Jane’s uncles and aunts

Stood there discussing about

Who would get what

Out of the legacy

Jane was totally disgusted

And she wanted to teach

Her relatives a lesson


So, she had the magic carpet

Brought over to the dining room

And had it spread on the floor

Then she got the dining table

And the chairs in place

Then she went on

To set up the dinner

On the dinner table


Once the dinner was ready

She invited all her relatives to dinner

Once all of them were seated

She stepped back into the adjoining room

And commanded the magic carpet

To fly away to a distant land

From where her relative

Could never return to bother her


The magic carpet flew away

With all her relatives

Saving Jane and her property

From the greedy eyes

Of her relatives


© Vincent Van Ross

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