I Can’t Breathe – Author Adam Levon Brown


I can’t breathe

Antagonizing me until I anger and seethe

What happened to due process and our right?


Now all cops want to do is fight

This black genocide affects us all

When will this shadow government burn and fall?


Your actions portray you to be pitiless and cold

while you induct more killers into your fold

hands up, don’t shoot

you play with that gun like it’s a flute


You treat us like we’re escapees from Guantanamo Bay

You shoot first, ask questions later, and then say it’s okay


I detest your violent ways, you’re sick in the head

You think that some people are better off dead

That’s why you pump them full of lead


What was it that MLK said?


“Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that”

Now pundits blame Eric Garner for being too fat

What choice did the poor man have?


While you strangled the life out of him

mercilessly without remorse

The officers responsible should have gotten a charge


Instead they are allowed on our streets,

criminals at large; They act like life is on lease

Well all I have to say is, “No Justice, No Peace!”


© Adam Levon Brown

Adam Brown book

Excerpt from the book “Musings of a Madman”


About the Author

Adam Levon Brown is a published author, poet, amateur photographer, and cat lover. His writing will transport you to another space where you won’t want to leave.

Adam Levon Brown burst through the door of contemporary poetry in early 2015 after being diagnosed with Schizoaffective disorder. He used writing as a tool for catharsis and eventually started submitting his poems to journals and magazines. Now an established poet with dozens of publications, a fiction novella, and two full collections of poetry out, he plans to take the poetry world by storm.

Visit Author Page At: www.ctupublishinggroup.com/adam-levon-brown-.html

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2 replies

  1. The amount of power behind these words is incredible. More people need to read this.


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