Inspiration Call: Micropoetry Monday


Inspiration Call: Micropoetry Monday – use this picture as inspiration for a micro poem (a short poem with no particular rules).

Share your written piece by dropping it in the comment section.
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  1. Musical Memories

    Sitting on a hilltop
    Guitar in hand
    Strumming my memories
    Of God’s great land
    Reminiscing of Woodstock
    Free spirits and love
    Smiling in sunshine
    Guessing shapes in clouds



  2. Siren of the Wind
    ©OxyMoronicMe GLemz

    I hear your voice whispering
    carried by the wind unto my skin
    humming tunes in coherent chants
    calling my fingers to dance with strings
    baking melody in sync with my heart beating
    along with life, alone with nature, spirit soaring high.


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