Meet Poet: William Wright, Jr.

William About the Author

William Wright, Jr.

William Wright, Jr. is a student from San Diego, California who wields a great passion for language and poetry. He was sixteen years old when he first fell in love with the art form and ever since, he has not deferred from its path. Writing has helped him when he was uncertain of his role in life. The craft brought him comfort when his fears were so immense and they seemed impossible to overcome. To this day he remains committed to writing at least one poem a day, every day, no exceptions. It is a practice that continues to serve him well.

Wright’s poetry was recently compared  to reading  a modern version of a collection of works by Edgar Allan Poe by Readers’ Favorite reviewer Erin Nicole Cochran. Erin states “This is brilliance in words. If there ever was a book that made me feel like Edgar Allan Poe was still alive and with us today, it would be this book. Perhaps the author is even the reincarnation, we’ll never know for sure, but it is wonderful to think about. Although the poetry is dark, one might think it would start to become repetitive, but each poem has a way of treating depressive situations and turning these into something that is not monotonous by any means, but is new again to us. The poems immerse you, cover you up like a blanket, nearly hypnotic.”

Check out Wright’s Collections of Poetry

Rhythms of The Eternal Uprising

Book Description: Author of “The Slums of Nightfall,” William Wright, Jr. has penned another accomplished book of prose. ‘Rhythms of the Eternal Uprising,’ is a deeply reflective collection; the subject matter very relevant and timely. The reader will be carried away by the artful way in which the pieces flow from one to the next; however, it is the content which is compelling and reminiscent of what it is to live in precarious times.

The poet speaks of lessons unlearned and revisiting the same subject matter as a society, referencing the darkest of times, when his people were, “swinging from a noose.” Making the analogy of black banners and the call to action re-awakened.   “A true peddler of panic, with an arsenal of lies, home crumbles before your eyes,” draws our attention to an apathetic society, with deep seated fears, prepared to do battle and are beating their drums to this rhetoric.

Throughout this book are threads of hope, springing eternal.  William Wright, Jr. spars within himself to believe in the overall goodness of humanity, trying to maintain a balance between idealism and the reality of the present day. It is a call to all of us to reflect, become our better selves and harken to positive change, finding the eternal hope within us.

I am moved by the moments of clarity and beauty in his method of juxtaposition between dark times and confidence that we shall at long last, learn our lesson.

This is not a book to be taken lightly, for it is too precious a message to disregard.

Brenda-Lee Ranta, author of Myriad of Perceptions

Release Date: October 21, 2017

william-wright-jrBook Description: The night sweeps herself over us, as she paints the world black. She joins us, hand in hand, with the wrath of anxiety. She shrouds us with deep despair and in her wake comes the onslaught of depression. At this point we are all in need of a little comfort, perhaps companionship, a guide to trudge through the long nights with, to bring home the glory of a fresh sunrise.

We cannot see the bountiful stars amidst the burning rays of the sun, they are invisible to desperately seeking eyes. But we do not forget they are there.

We cannot witness a rainbow’s majestic arc during a midnight downpour, yet our eyes will never forget the fleeting beauty of prisms hanging in the air.

I challenge you to step off your trusted track, leave the sunshine behind and walk the slums of nightfall. I dare you to offer up all your secrets to the effervescent moon, to find a safe haven in sunlight’s demise.

Let this book be your hope amongst the hopeless. Allow the stanzas to fill you to the brim with possibility – you can and you will overcome your obstacles, you can and you will know peace and prosperity. You will be inspired, nourished and sustained by each and every verse you find within these page.

L.J. Diaz, author of Catching Snowflakes

Release Date: July 16, 2016

Visit William’s Author Page To Purchase His Books At:–jr.-.html


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