Coward ~ Author Amanda Hoppes


And when it all came tumbling down

What did you wish for? Whose hand did you seek?

Beneath those crumbling walls nobody, but one heard your suffering weeps


She was there for you, she took you and your troubles in

She helped you regain your strength, your confidence; helped you build yourself again


And yet you walked away when it was her

 turn to be down

Breaking the oath you took as a best friend to

be there for eternity

You forgot all that she had done for you, all that she helped you get around

Yet, she still forgave you because she vowed to love unconditionally


Only some are as strong as her and willing to

forgive and forget

Only a few will smile, even though bruised, and continue their walk forward


Someday you will realize her loyalty, her stubbornness to not forfeit

Someday you will thank her for making you much more than a coward.


© Amanda Hoppes

BookCoverImage Amanda

Excerpt from the book “From Midnight To Moonlight”

Me wtih book 3

About the Author

Writing has been my passion since the age of 7… my inspiration to keep going with my writing has always come from my mother. Even though she passed away when I was 18, it is now driven by her memory.

 My name is Amanda Hoppes born and raised in Waterloo, Iowa. My writing is my every step, every move, every breath I take; It’s my vibrant smile, my saddest frown, my every single mistake; It’s my heart on fire, my soul so deep, my mind always free; It’s my life line, my past, present and future, my writing is ME.

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