Mercy’s River – Author Shantelle ‘Elle’ McLin


Cobwebs have been wiped from the non-usage of my heart

Dusting clean the coverage that made me so emotionless

No more of its acquaintance to darkness

My refusal to lie in a miserable state of being


Galloping to a once far away land

As I squish my toes in the sand of peace

The shoreline ripples and cleanses the dirtiness of trotting feet

A slow jog becomes a relay race of hope


Where I once was not able to walk so I crawled my way to stronger faith

In any way, necessary, I would have reached this LIGHT
And now I find myself at mercy’s river washing away layers


How many times have I become this soiled being?

Contaminated by the worldliness of earth’s clay

Freedom is not a state of mind… it is a state of being

My free will have detoured me to the rocky shore


Bruised and bloodied feet know there is healing in the water

My mucky thoughts want to be cleansed

My muddied soul wants purification

Purging by sins confessed…


There is healing in HIS name

Washed clean from timeworn sin

I was reborn at this place… at mercy’s river


© Shantelle ‘Elle’ McLin

Beyond Nursery Rhymes

Excerpt from the book Beyond Nursery Rhymes; Real Life Tales

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Elle About the Author

Recreational writing began for this author at the age of 9 in journal formatting.  Her creativeness was sparked in Middle school during a notable visit to the library with her best friend. With an outdated range of selections, she instantly identified with the poets’ generations before her; she had found her outlet. While facing great personal difficulties, Elle treated poetry as a feel-good remedy to her melancholic episodes. This would become freeing to a young and timid adolescent, as she discovered her voice. Writing would become a soother and her pen, a microphone to express her challenges.

Visit Elle’s Author Page At

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