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About the Author

Mark Andrew Heathcote

Mr. Mark Andrew Heathcote is the author of In Perpetuity his debut book of poems published in June 2016 by Creative Talents Unleashed.

Marks first book was well received earning him favourable reviews. This being, his second book, Mark, hopes to build on that good reputation and establish his own, brand of poetry.

Mark is a father of five children, and lives and works in the UK. Mark resides in Manchester where he works as an adult learning difficulties support worker and he spends his free time gardening and writing poetry.

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Back on EarthBook Description: This is a collection of breath-taking poetry and prose, which is packed with a cacophony of emotions. The author is masterful in poetic metaphor, often using birds, flowers and nature as an effective method of telling a heart’s story. The deep emotions of the writer will not be missed, but rather felt in a profound way, with imagery so strong, that the reader easily identifies with what the poet is saying.

Mark muses on subject matter which addresses ageing, fading love, love’s rebirth, peace, harmony, and the consuming emotions of rage and love, locked in a poet’s heart. The beauty of Mark’s traditional style of writing, is comforting, yet evocative. I found that I had to re-read many pieces, lest I missed the hidden meaning in his many forms of expression. He has created his second collection, with the most beautiful, gentle flow, which is carefully constructed.

Mark ends his book with pieces on the musings of love, following the harsh cold of winter. It warms the heart, to travel through very vivid images from his poetic heart.

Mark Andrew Heathcote is an accomplished poet in his own right, with a penchant for metaphors painting beautiful pictures in the mind of the reader. A book to revisit time and again.

Brenda-Lee Ranta, author of Allegories

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Mark Heathcote Cover Book Review: In Perpetuity by Mark Andrew Heathcote is a unique, inspirational poetry book about life in its fullness. The book takes you on a poetic journey, ranging in various topics and stemming from the essence of inspiration.

The first thing that stood out to me in this book is the formatting. Simply wonderful! The formatting made the reading so easy to follow. It was as if the author has his poems written on silk. I can’t pick out one particular poem that I enjoyed more than others because each one provides a measure of creation and inspiration. There are a few I thoroughly enjoyed. I read it aloud and the flow was effortless.

Blissful Beauty Personified

I thought I heard your heart beating
Like a hummingbird, tell me
My love was I wrong, listening
Was I wrong in melting like ghee?

For honey, your flower puts aside
For one just as, voracious as me.
Paradise can’t be quantified
Like flowers visited by a bee.

True love is an amber-locket:
That preserves its contents always
Like, love written in a sonnet
Your heart beats in pianofortes.

Trembles as newly lighted dew
How could anybody know I’d?
Fall so deep and so fast for you
Blissful beauty, personified.

I didn’t want to include any of the author’s writings in this review, but this one spoke volumes to me. This poetic expression encompasses compassion, emotion, honesty, humility, and desire. The book is filled with such work. It’s such a pleasure to read the writings of an obviously talented author with a gift for poetry. I would recommend this book to everyone who enjoys inspirational writings, stemming from the seed of poetry. An excellent, marvelous creation. Loved it! The author’s gift is seen throughout the book.

Reviewed by Tshombye K. Ware for Readers’ Favorite

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