Poison Words – Author Billy Charles Root


Hurtful words

Released in rage

Cannot be recaptured

With a broken cage

Once they’re out

And running a muck

It’s too late for their tail

To be brought low and tucked


They run around biting

All whom they see

Once their poison is injected

They turn on me


Seeking out

The tender soul

They start at the heart

And tear open a hole


The beginning of regret

Is the end of their anger

But until they are gone

All around are in danger


They won’t stop coming

They like the taste of blood

Like a dog returns to its own vomit

And a washed hog wallows in the mud


They hide in your darkness

We all have it you know

And then someone opens the cage

Your power is overthrown


Self-control hits bottom

The venom is just too great

Coursing through your veins

You’re poisoned by your own hate


Jesus, you are the cure, I know

Yet you feel so far and distant

It’s like I’m dying here all alone

But I am fearfully inconsistent.

I’m too scared to yet go home.


© Billy Charles Root

The Hyde I Hide

Excerpt from the book The Hyde I Hide

$11.95 Plus Shipping ~ Available at CTU Publishing Group and Amazon.com

Billy RootAbout the Author

Billy Charles Root was born October 21, 1975, in San Bernardino California and was for the most part raised by my father In Rialto and Apple Valley California. In 1995 I moved to Oklahoma where my wife Tina and I have nine children combined and 3 grandchildren. I have been a professional automotive technician for twenty years now and I still am for the United States postal service.

Visit Billy’s Author Page At:www.ctupublishinggroup.com/billy-charles-root.html

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  1. I will definitely have a look.


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