Inspiration Call: Tell this story . . .


Inspiration Call: Write a Poem or Short Story that tells this story.

Share your written piece by dropping it in the comment section.
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  1. Why did I wear white today?
    I really should have known better in this month o.
    But the day started out with promise and hope.
    Going into the woods will help you cope.
    Picking flowers for your white basket in the dew
    Will help you start the day anew.
    All by yourself to DO WHAT YOU PLEASE
    So now here you are, down on your knees.
    Are you laughing or crying or just getting over a cold?
    This lack of ambition is getting so very old.
    Just take a few more minutes to be alone with your mind
    and breath in the crisp air and try to be kind.
    Olay, you’re okay, so get back on your feet.
    You have places to go and people to meet.
    It is Friday and the weekend is almost here,
    so get back up and show them no fear.
    I am so happy we had this time to share,
    and it is beautiful and sweet how much you care.
    Get up and get back to reality
    November is here with fall colors to see.
    Now that your eyes have seen the light,
    Come back into the world with your newfound might.


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