Featured Writer: Melody Lee

Insanity Invades Like a Tumor


Winter catches my long, ravishing hair

Raven-black, cascading freely down my back

Twisting curls into tight, painful knots

Gripping my head, squeezing my skull

As autumn dissipates into the atmosphere

Snow aggravates the warmth in my bones

Solitude interrupts noises

Whirling and swishing

Inside my fragile brain

Darkness dancing, laughing

Invading everywhere

Tormenting my head again

Like a cat’s midnight meow

And a snake’s piercing hiss

In the middle of the night

Stirring the purity of my dreams

Out the window I gaze, the devil’s stare

Gone is the sweet silence

A shrill, an ear-piercing high pitch

The top of my lungs do I scream, I scream, I scream

Flirting with madness

It is cold here, wet and hard like ice

My pale skin shivers

Without you here I cannot bare

I fear, I fear insanity is near

Hurry, hurry you must return home…to me

So I can fall into your arms

Kiss me until the chaos leaves

Tease me. Enchant me. Take me.

Love me endless, love me crazy

Until eternity, or until I die

Whichever comes first.


© Melody Lee

Melody Lee About the Author

Melody Lee worked for years as a paralegal in a busy law firm, managed a large department store in Miami, FL, and helped startup a multimillion dollar business. She is a contributing writer for A Better Today Media online magazine and book reviewer for Her Heart Poetry magazine. She’s an avid reader, power-walker, wine-enthusiast, foodie and collector of adventures. Melody recently published her debut poetry book, “Moon Gypsy,” and is working on her second poetry book to be released in late 2018.

You can find Melody Lee on Facebook at www.facebook.com/MLPoetryJunkie and on Instagram @melody_lee_poetry_junkie.

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5 replies

  1. Kenne, glad you enjoyed my piece. I had so much fun writing it! 🙂


  2. You know how I feel about your poetry & you! ❤😊


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