Featured Writer: Jeffery Martin

J Martin

Mr. Martin has been very active in the community for some time, founding the theatre group B.E.H.O.L.D. for inner city youth in Rochester, New York, where youth were introduced to poetry, dance, martial arts, fencing, theater, drumming, clowning, acrobatics, art, ceramics and public speaking.

He believes that words can be a source of strength and healing, using his life as an example.

Jeffery’s latest book Jus Sayin’, is a highly motivational book, it will urge us to see the silver lining in all circumstances, viewing our hardships as valuable lessons, forgiving what we think to be unforgivable, being of service to humanity, especially our children.  Jeffery Martin has searched his soul, knows himself well; his only yardstick for measurement is his own.  The honesty of his spirit is felt throughout this beautiful book.  If you enjoy books such as ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul,” Jeffery Martin has taken soul comfort to a new level, with a dash of hot sauce.  It is a book you will want to revisit time and again, seeking out beautiful words of wisdom, there is a passage there for every circumstance.

 Here are a few excerpts from Jeffery’s latest book Jus Sayin’


September 30, 2013

In the attempt to appear right sometimes we miss the obvious. For some reason to be deemed wrong on a particular topic is taken as a kind of blotch on the soul. But admittance to a lack of knowledge is a step towards new understanding. Being right all the time is impossible, but growing through error is always a possibility if the culprit is attempting to feed the intellect and not the ego.


October 4, 2013

The only thing I’m sure of is nothing is guaranteed. Realizing this one certainty, I don’t put things off. I’m going to read that book. I’m going to take that trip. I’m going to give that homeless person my extra change. I’m going to exercise. I’m going to be kind. And finally, I’m going to fight wrong where I experience it. Every day is a gift and I plan on doing something with it, for it and about it.


October 16, 2013

Yes, I’m determined. But not in a typical gotta-have-everything kind of way, no. I’m determined to leave footprints that are always headed towards growth. I’m not running after anything, but I am walking in the direction of the sunshine of a fulfilling life, where my smile is enhanced by the smiles I create.


October 28, 2013

I have to be a man of my word. If not, I reside in the same world of those who smile and do not mean it, make promises with no intention of keeping them. And that is a neighborhood I never want to pass through.


Jus Sayin

Jus Sayin’–Now Available

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