Writer Highlight Featuring: James F. Cunningham



Photo Credit: Pixabay.com



Use Caution

Please, use caution my life,
Is crumbling like a wall,
Beset with senseless strife,
I stood there watched it fall.

The overwhelming pressure,
Slowly caused it to cave in,
I never had a life of leisure,
Now it’s buried deep within.

My foundation was creaking,
Because I let it be torn apart,
I didn’t listen to them speaking,
They ripped out my heart.

The pain is now never ending,
I have only myself to blame,
Into this hell I’m descending,
I hear it calling my name.

It’s another tragedy of life,
The world has gone insane,
It’s hard to balance on a knife,
Use caution when it rains.


© James F. Cunningham

Response to our Inspiration Call on October 25, 2017

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  1. Simply said , shared thoughts. so easy to relate to. Said with a gentle voice and to the point. Enjoyed this.


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